Melbourne, Wednesday 14 October 2020: According to the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council, motor vehicle theft increased 11 per cent in the 12 months to March 2020 to a total of 60,165.

Whether this is your vehicle, or you are an Insurance Adjuster, Dealership, Auction, Impound Lot or the first responder recovering the vehicle, majority of the time that vehicle has been used for illegal activities often related to drugs. That is why vehicle testing and decontamination after a theft may be fundamental.

Benpower Restoration, a global leader in the renewal and restoration of domestic, industrial, commercial properties, including contents and machinery, is assisting insurers, brokers and repairers throughout Australia during this increase in motor vehicle theft, as experts of biohazard remediation and restoration, intervening with decontamination services and specialised technicians.

Angelo Papargiris, Project Manager at Benpower Restoration said: “We have recently worked on luxury car that had been stolen. When the owner of the vehicle was informed of the theft, he was not planning to keep the car due to the awful status of it. After we finished decontaminating the car, the insured was contacted to verify the result. He was absolutely dazzled with the outcome at the point where he changed his mind and chose to keep the car.”

This outlines the importance of getting a motor vehicle tested and decontaminated and what impact it can have on the owner of the automobile and the insurance claim in the end.

Benpower is happy to assist any insurer, broker, fleet manger or repairer during these difficult times and suggest anyone who would like to know more to contact Benpower directly at

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