Industrial Machinery Repair and Maintenance

Benpower Restoration are the experts in providing industrial machinery repair and maintenance. We immediately begin with a detailed evaluation of the damages and set a step-by-step action plan, identifying priorities and resources. Innovation and research are the centre of our restoration and maintenance activities.



Our depth of capability and experience in the repair and restoration of industrial machinery separates us from our competitors. With both local and overseas experience available to be called in, we minimise your loss through thorough investigation and appropriate action.

Our restoration process is enhanced by innovative equipment and products specifically developed for remediation and renewal. Research & Development is one of the pillars of our growth strategy, developing and testing new technologies in order to offer better solutions combining quality, design and functionality.


Why you should repair instead of replace your industrial machinery:


 Reduced outage time of machinery means reduced business downtime
Reduce costs by avoiding new purchases of machinery
Machinery can be restored to better than new condition




Benpower Restoration provides maintenance of industrial machinery by removing the impurities caused by industrial procedures (masonry dust, electrolytic acids, surplus demolition fumes, surplus production scraps and more).

No other restorer in Australia is able to offer the depth of experience in the ongoing maintenance of industrial machinery. Our maintenance programs protect the value of your machinery, granting a longer life, higher productivity and better resale value – and significantly reducing ongoing replacement costs over many years.

Why you should perform regular maintenance on your industrial machinery

  • Maintaining components and structures ensures an 80% reduction of production downtime, resulting in huge cost savings for our clients.
  • Regular maintenance protects the value of your equipment, granting a longer life, higher productivity and better resale value.
  • Neglecting to perform routine maintenance on mechanical, electronic and electrical systems results in the steady decline of equipment energy and durability. The consequences include premature failures, soaring operating costs and unforeseen business downtime.

Our activities for machinery maintenance include:


Reconstructing and restoring of electrical systems and electronic equipment


Vacuuming, hydro washing, and painting



Visit our Case Studies page to see how much money we have saved our clients through successful restoration and maintenance of industrial machinery.




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