The service that I received from the Benpower technicians was nothing short of superb. They were ultra reliable in turning up at the pre-arranged times, they were neat and tidy in their appearance, they did what they needed to do without leaving any mess, they were highly knowledgeable about both the technical and procedural aspects of dealing with my insurance claim. As a result the whole process of dealing with what could have been a really stressful situation was made a lot easier. Thank you for your assistance.

Colin David Osborne

Dora Creek, NSW

Eminflex is an international company, leader in the production of mattresses. We export our products all around the world and the fire that hit our plant in 2014 could be devastating for our business. We do not even want to think about it, considering the eventual costs of lost production. Benpower acted immediately, restoring both our facility building and the equipment. Our production line machineries are very complex and high tech due to the presence of many needles sewing up the products. Anyhow, in a really short time, 3 days to be precise, the production restarted. After 3 weeks, Benpower restored the normality, so that everything was working perfectly, or even better, we might say, allowing us to comply with the production timing set before the fire. In fact, after the fire broke out, we were able to work only at the 30% of our capacity, but Benpower let us quickly restart the 100% of the production, so as not to lose a single client. The timeliness and expertise of Benpower have been crucial for us and we are thankful for the work done.

Comas Eminflex

Andrea Tempesta, Plant Manager

Benpower restored our company after a fire hit our plant last May. We all know that the damages caused by a fire can go further than the immediate material loss. We were really worried by the consequences of stopping the production. How could we comply with the clients’ requests? The loss would have been even worst. Nevertheless, Benpower acted in a timely and very professional manner. They fully recovered the facility equipment and the damaged goods. After the fire, I remember thinking that we would have lost everything. On the contrary, 10 days later the plant looked even better and cleaner, safe and sound! I strongly recommend calling Benpower in case of a fire or flood. Their help has been crucial for the restart of our company.


We are a leading company in the production of polypropylene films for food industry. We have branches and plants all over the world. Some years ago a huge fire hit our Italian factory and our insurance broker suggested us to call in Benpower. The Benpower technician promptly carried out the survey and explained us all the works that should have been done. We were a bit doubtful at the beginning but we approved their action plan. It was the best choice ever. The Benpower team started working immediately. Everything was perfectly organized and arranged, allowing no waste of time in a cost effective way. Before Benpower started working on the site, we were thinking that we should have stopped the production for over a year, letting down 250 blue-collar workers. Meanwhile, Benpower reclaimed the plant in a month and we were able to fully restart the production, avoiding the redundancy fund even for a single worker! The Benpower restoration expertise is unmatched and we fully trust them. So that, since then, we have started a fruitful collaboration, which is still going on. We have entrusted Benpower with the routine maintenance of our machineries as it is clear that it improves the life and productivity rate of the equipment itself.

Taghleef Industries

We are a world leading marble and granite supplier. Last November a flood hit our Carrara plant and, to be honest, at a first glimpse, we were desperate. Our facility was under 40 to 80 centimeters layer of water and mud. A team of 10 Benpower qualified workers operated for 12 days in a row until the job was completed and, after only 3 days, our company was able to restart most part of the activities. The production areas, substation, laboratories, warehouse, external service areas, sawmill and resin departments, were reclaimed from mud and water, with an overall disassembling, reclaiming and reassembling of about 80 electrical engines, more than 40 electrical boards and all the mechanical components of the production lines. We are extremely satisfied with the work done. The Benpower team provided immediate and decisive solutions, and most of all, it provided a global service that allowed us to put the company back on its feet. We are thankful for the excellent assistance received so that we have decided to continue our collaboration with Benpower and plan a routine maintenance service of our equipment.


Gino Mazzi, President

We have been hit by 3 fires in 3 different stores over the last years. After the first fire, we had no doubts at all, and we immediately called for the help of Benpower, as they always solved our problems in the quickest and most effective way, also considering the costs.

Max & Co.

After the earthquake that hit the Emilia Romagna region in Italy in 2009, the help of Benpower allowed us to restore the damaged warehouses, but also allowed us to save more than 300.000 cheese wheels which otherwise would have represented a terrible loss for our business. We were so grateful that we decided to invite the Benpower team and management at the official re-opening of our cheese factory after the earthquake. We did want to thank them publicly.

Caseificio 4 Madonne

In the last years two fires hit our plant. The first time Benpower did an excellent job so we called them in also at the time of the second fire. 2 teams of skilled professional workers operated in shifts, even at night, to allow us to restart the production as soon as possible. The renewal operations had been competed in only 2 weekends. Which is amazing if we think at the damages. We are pretty sure we will call them again in case of need.

Sano Rice Italia

Dear Ben, yesterday I met Sandro Gabriele the Industrial Adjuster of the Servizi Sanitari Company of Terni. The meeting was scheduled to monitor the loss adjusting activities and on this occasion, I saw with my eyes the excellent job you carried out there. Both the company and the industrial adjuster have really appreciated your work, your expertise and availability. I am very pleased about it and we all want to thank you. Moreover, Ms Silvana Dominici, Managing Director of Sevizi Sanitari, was telling me that she wants to invite you to the post-fire ceremony in order to personally thank you. Very good job!

Servizi Sanitari di Terni



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