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Benpower Restoration is a global leader in the renewal and restoration of fire and water-damaged domestic, industrial and commercial properties, including any machinery and contents held within. We are also one of the very few restorers in the Australian market who specialise in the restoration and ongoing maintenance services of industrial machinery – the depth of capability and experience in this area separates us from our competitors.


Years’ Experience

Employees Worldwide

Benpower was founded in 2002 by CEO Ben Isufaj, who has more than 30 years’ experience in the industry. We have more than 200 professional and highly qualified employees worldwide, all very experienced in disaster recovery and emergency management.

Experience shows that if a building or equipment damaged by fire or water is suitably restored in a timely manner, it proves to be just as reliable as it was prior to the incident and sometimes even more so. Restoration instead of replacement ensures a significant reduction in costs and a speedy resumption of business activities.

Our main target is to reduce costs and timeframes in restoring commercial and industrial buildings and contents, so that clients are able to resume normal business activities as soon as possible.

Benpower Restoration ensures complete quality control of services via our internally trained employees. Our global presence allows us to draw upon our international resources to provide global assistance when required and a single source solution for recovery and restoration.

In addition to our Australian operations, Benpower’s global expertise encompasses Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary and Turkey.



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